• Branding and naming Oura, the world’s most advanced wearable

    Oura, the world’s first wellness ring, improves sleep quality, adjusts daily activity level and enhances overall wellbeing. Oura ring’s groundbreaking patented technology was created by alumni of Nokia and Polar, and other specialists with embedded systems and medical devices expertise.

    We’ve been with the brand since the beginning. From creating the name Oura, which communicates the concept of 360 degree wellbeing, crafting their initial brand, and now to developing the brand once again with the release of the second generation Oura ring. We created award winning packaging for the product, together with the Oura operations and logistics team.

    “Since 2015 we have already helped users in over 50 countries achieve better sleep and performance. We are very grateful of all the devoted customers and high user satisfaction, proven by the retention rates that are three times higher compared to other wearables”, says Petteri Lahtela, CEO and Co-Founder at Oura Health. We’re proud to have developed the second generation Ōura brand with creative vision and art direction, and we’re looking forward to what the future holds.

  • The premium, direct-to-consumer packaging designed by Proxy features silver foil, debossing, UV varnish, and sharp edges.

  • We developed the name and logotype for Oura ahead of their launch

  • We helped Ōura develop a new family of colours, inspired by natural earthy tones and the calmness of sleep

  • The evolved brand imagery style of Ōura is a combination of close-up photography and product renders with a lot of clear space

  • The typography is quiet and reductive, projecting a feeling of simplicity and calm