• Strategic branding, effective by design.

    Our branding process is embedded in deep strategic insight and dedicated design. We’re a team of designers, strategists and researchers, with decades of experience branding successful startups and global companies.

    Our understanding of venture capital investment gives us invaluable insight into the way in which branding drives business success. This unique edge enables us to create powerful brands, from the inside out.

  • → Strategy

    Before we get started, we like to ask questions. A lot of questions. This gives us a deep level of insight into who you are, what you want and where you’re headed.

    We then analyse your answers, dive deeper into research and create a future vision. By tweaking this vision through a collaborative process, we’ll conclude on the foundations together. This process will essentially act as the brief for the creative work ahead.

  • → Creative

    This is where we bring it all to life. We take the strategy and hit all the creative stops. From naming concepts and tone of voice, to logo design, identity systems and much more.

    Once signed off, we’ll put it all together in a beautiful brand book, which includes the brand strategy behind the identity, tools for easy implementation and usage guidelines.

  • Dive a little deeper...

    If you’d like to know more about our approach, why don’t you pop in for a chat? We’d love to have you. You can also learn about the specific steps during our branding process on the following pages.