• Gifting truly memorable experiences

    Truly offers gifts for those who have everything. This isn’t about the gifting of things, but of unique, unforgettable experiences packed in beautiful boxes. Unwrapping a Truly box could reveal a Michelin meal, a trip to the edge of the earth’s upper atmosphere, or even an opportunity to write, film and star in your own sitcom! 

    A bespoke, tailored approach is consistent throughout Truly’s offering. From the experiences on offer, to the concierge service, everything is handpicked and carefully curated. The team felt that they needed a brand identity to reflect this caring attention to detail. 

    We revised the logo with lettering artist, Rob Clarke, to create a handwritten signature - a symbol of authenticity, personalisation and gratitude. We also developed a colour palette of warm greys and a punctuating bright yellow. The rebrand evoked a sense of modern refinement, and shifted away from old-fashioned luxury.

    The result is a brand that is premium, not pretentious. A confident and aspirational lifestyle brand. Never garish or brash, but authentic, warm, and classic. A constant reminder of the bespoke nature of the service.

  • A signature is proof of authenticity, quality and personalisation – a natural starting point for the logo

  • Presented with a gift card in a box, each Truly experience gift feels considered and prestigious

  • http://proxy.vc/assets/Truly/_2000xAUTO_crop_center-center_75/TRU-Headline-experiences-Space.jpg