• From the heart of London’s design quarter, we work with companies all over the world.

  • Established in 2013, Proxy is two highly complementary companies under one roof.

    A world class branding agency developing winning, differentiated brands for companies worldwide. Our team works with clients for the whole journey from Brand Story and Brand Naming to Brand Identity, and helps to deploy the brands with UI/UX, packaging design and more. Our clients range from several multibillion companies to some of the hottest startups.

    A private venture firm investing in Seed and Series A stage consumer technology companies in Europe. Operating like a VC fund, but without any external investors limiting our investment agility, we have been able to win our way into massively oversubscribed deals and make great, top tencile venture returns.

  • Your first contact

    Whether you are looking for a co-investor with a strong track record for your late seed and Series A consumer tech company in EU, or would like to benefit of the expertise of our branding agency, our team is ready for you - just drop us a line at info@proxy.vc

  • Aapo Bovellan
    Founding Partner • Creative Director

    Experience as an early stage investor in 16 companies via Proxy, and several others privately. Aapo is responsible for creating the Supercell brand, and was head of Nokia's global brand studio. He works on brand strategy and post-investment activity at Proxy.

  • Miia Bovellan
    Founding Partner • Client & Insights Director

    Experience as an early stage investor in 16 companies via Proxy, and several others privately. Miia is responsible for analysing deal flow, issuing term sheets and managing the process of closing investments. She is a researcher with a PhD in life sciences from London Centre for Nanotechnology at UCL, and has been published in several peer reviewed journals.

  • Isobel Rutherford
    Project Manager

    Isobel manages the scheduling, budgeting and invoicing for our brand agency, and runs the studio. She manages our dealflow meeting and works on the first screening of our ventures opportunities. Isobel joined Proxy in 2016 and has been involved in all projects and investments ever since.

  • Join us

    We are currently searching for a Junior Designer, with a strong digital skillset and excellent typographic craft - see the job on If You Could jobs board. We often also have opportunities for freelance copywriters and motion designers. If you're interested in working with us, email your portfolio to info@proxy.vc.