Branding for Good

By Proxy

When we started Proxy, we decided that we wanted to be a company which routinely and genuinely contributes to making the world a better place.

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Our commitment to the next generation

All of our pro bono projects work on improving the lives of the next generation. Fighting marginalization of children in Finland. Teaching immigrants valuable coding skills. Educating the next generation of entrepreneurs. Shutting orphanages in Africa to support children's families and communities in creating homes for them. Life changing missions our team is incredibly proud to be part of.

Why branding matters for non-profits

Much like any company, non-profit organizations need to attract funding and talent. A strong brand encapsulates the core philosophy of the non-profit into a compelling, credible, shorthand of the company's vision.

5 principles for running our pro bono branding projects

To make our pro bono work sustainable and successful, we set up a simple framework for doing it. This simple framework has served us well since its inception in 2014.

  1. We do one pro bono project a year
  2. We choose projects from trusted sources, such as the UBS Optimus Foundation or Supercell
  3. Pro bono projects are ran exactly like commercial projects - team, process, deliverables
  4. Our whole, single team contributes to the project. We don't have a B team.
  5. We only charge for external costs incurred, with zero markup. Partner time is completely free of charge.
The Centre for Entrepreneurs is the UK’s leading entrepreneurship foundation. With backing from the likes of Burberry, McKinsey and Rothschild & Co, they're building an inclusive future for the next generation of UK entrepreneurs, helping Britain to maintain a world-leading startup ecosystem. Proxy developed the new brand for Centre for Entrepreneurs, a high profile education program for the next generation in 2019.
Transform Alliance Africa, supported by UBS Optimus Foundation, works hard to end the era of orphanages in Africa. Proxy developed the pan-African brand and joined to help launch it in Kigali and Kampala in 2017
Focusing on social inclusion and equality, new gaming non-profit Wondershop pioneers the concept of community-based games. Proxy helped the team to develop a new name, and designed a new brand identity in 2020.
The Shortcut helps immigrants learn valuable skills, such as coding, helping them to integrate as valued members of their new home country. Proxy developed the brand for Shortcut in

Me Foundation works to reduce exclusion and promote equality in Finland for children, young people and families. In 2014–2015, working with Finnish copywriter, Tiina Kaakkunen, Proxy developed a mission statement and visual identity: ‘Ei ole olemassa meitä ja heitä, on vain me’ – ‘There’s no us and them, it’s just we’.