We are Proxy Ventures.
We invest at the beginning, and build brands that will fuel growth


Brands fuel growth

New brands crystallize the promises of new technology. For more than a decade, we have helped shape early stage companies as investors, advisors and branding experts. In the 2020s, we are focusing on what we do best - working closely with founders known to us to transform their ideas into category leading brands.


Early stage

We started our shareholder journey in pre-seed companies in the late 00s. In the mid 10s we invested in late seed and Series A companies. Now, following the recent Series A boom, we have returned back to our roots, pre-seed. We back founders who we know well, at the outset of their journey.

Family run

Proxy Ventures in UK is a fully family run company, with Aapo and Miia Bovellan as partners. With no LPs, we are not bound to exit timelines, deal structures, jurisdictions or industries. Rather, we can take a long term view, aligned with founder interests.

Since 2009

We became shareholders in our first startup in 2009. Following the phenomenal success of some of our early engagements, we established Proxy in 2013. In the last decade, we have become shareholders in over 25 companies across Europe and the US, giving us extensive experience in early stage investing.


Today, we only invest in founders who've been known to us for several years. Sometimes we back entrepreneurs over multiple companies.

Proxy Ventures investment criteria 2020-2025

• Pre-seed & Seed stage
• Founders known to Proxy
• App, service or product
• Strong revenue model
• UK, Nordics, Central Europe, USA
• High branding potential