Building a brand for Another Place

By Proxy

Another Place is a London-based mobile game developer founded in 2012 by some of the key players behind the Xbox Fable franchise.

PROXY Journal Another Place

To launch their new flagship game Battlehand, Another Place required a rebrand that could match the high production values and strong art direction of their games.

The team view gaming as a chance to escape to 'another place', so we wanted to reflect this in the logotype, playing on the concept of the logo as a portal. Together with lettering artist, Rob Clarke, we developed a bespoke logotype to reflect the team’s unique artistic style. This was then cropped and displayed in a range of bright colours to communicate the variety of games and ‘places’ you can choose from.

Battlehand is now available in the AppStore and Google Play, and has been selected as Editor's Choice by Apple. Battlehand continues to receive features and its frequent updates are enjoyed by their loyal gamer base.