A premium identity for Aream & Co, investment bankers behind the highest profile tech exits

By Proxy

Having been behind some of the largest, most high profile exits and funding rounds of the last decade, including Supercell, Small Giant Games and Neo4j, the team needed a world class, premium brand identity in line with their reputation.

PROXY Journal Aream

Established in London in 2019, Aream & Co is an independent, technology focused investment bank. While the deals Aream & Co secure are hugely transformative, making millionaires of entrepreneurs and boosting the share prices of stocklisted companies, they operate quietly and out of sight. Aream & Co are the talent behind rather than at the forefront of deals; they facilitate transactions through the crafting of successful partnerships.

Since partnerships are at the core of Aream & Co’s work, we focused the identity around the ampersand in their name. We worked to create a look that was discreet and quiet, yet also assured and confident. A serif typeface is combined with a premium colour palette in spacious, confident layouts that say a lot while using few words.