A new brand for CurrencyFair, for the next €4 billion

By Proxy

CurrencyFair is the world’s first peer-to-peer money exchange service. Their advanced technology, easy user interface and top rated customer service has saved €142 million for their customers. Reliable and efficient, CurrencyFair makes sending large sums of money abroad safe and easy.

PROXY Journal Currency Fair

Having exchanged over €4 billion, CurrencyFair were in need of a confident identity that reflects the calibre of the service they offer. We were tasked with developing a brand that would reflect the growing success of CurrencyFair.

Challenger brands often seem to distance themselves from banks. Keen to focus on the positive, we steered clear of ‘bank-bashing’. Instead, we developed a friendly identity that shows respect for the banks, our partners and peers, while focusing on connection and collaboration, highlighting the ease and simplicity of the service.

The identity was developed in close collaboration with CurrencyFair's in-house design team, who evolved and refined the system into the service interface seen today. Together with several marketing agency partners, CurrencyFair coordinated the multi-channel launch of the new brand in October 2016.