Branding Faralong, an adventure booking platform

By Proxy is a simple booking platform that connects travellers and tours operators, to create adventures they’ll never forget. The unique pricing model enables cost sharing, encouraging travellers to invite their friends along.

PROXY Journal Faralong

Well established in the travel industry, the founders set their minds to creating a global travel aggregator that would specialise in tour booking. They needed a brand to represent ease of use, while retaining the contemporary edge of adventure travel.

We formed the name Faralong by combining 'far' and 'along with others'. The brand identity system revolves around a signpost pointing forwards to represent ‘straight forward tours’, and backward to illustrate the low prices. We also designed a unique set of category and UI icons to facilitate the ease of use. Everything from the web experience to the metrics, was tailored with the support of their digital designers. The brand combines utilitarian simplicity with authentic adventure visuals.