Branding Digital Therapeutics of the Future with Five Lives

By Proxy

Five Lives build engaging Digital Therapeutics for the detection, prevention and treatment of Central Nervous System conditions. Proxy helped develop a credible, approachable brand and design system for the product.

5 LIV Monogram 2200px

Their first app helps users add life to their years by identifying and preventing cognitive decline. Tracking the quintet of lifestyle pillars that have the biggest impact on cognitive health — physical activity, diet, stress and mood, mental stimulation and sleep — Five Lives is a medical device set to tackle Dementia, one of the biggest health challenges of our time.

The logo strikes a balance between approachability and scientific authority. Bespoke lettering done at Proxy features quirky ink traps on the V letters, while the clean, straight lines elsewhere maintain a sense of seriousness, inspiring trust.

Locked up with the half asterisk shape, the F and L letters from the name allude to the shape of a brain. The asterisk is placed on the more analytical left side — just as asterisks are used in scientific texts to mark points where there is an expanded set of information provided by the author, here it references the wealth of scientific research behind Five Lives' program.

On the right side, the F and L almost mirror each other, however the second bar in the F disrupts the symmetry. This alludes to the more creative, less ordered right side of the brain, which is said to be the side that controls more artistic pursuits.

The starting point of all design work was the product itself. Developed in close collaboration with the in-house UI/UX team at Five Lives, the new brand identity became immediately useful for the product experience.

While the main brand colours are a calming blue and an off-white that aids reading in digital spaces, these are complemented with a more playful palette.

Representing the five pillars associated with maintaining cognitive health, the complimentary brand colours are used to signpost the brain health platform's various focuses.