A warm and quirky brand for Fusebox, the creator of Love Island The Game

By Proxy

Fusebox is a London based developer of mobile games, creating interactive fiction set in the worlds of today’s most watched TV shows. After the huge success of their Love Island and X-Factor games, Fusebox wanted a new identity that could hold its own whilst sitting comfortably alongside these well-known brands.

PROXY Journal Fusebox

Our process began by getting to know Fusebox’s games. As we played them, it was easy to see why they had been so popular. With their absorbing storylines and believable characters, there was something for everyone to relate to. Meeting and chatting with the Fusebox team we found this was something important to them; they aim to write inclusive stories that reflect the diversity of their team and players. We needed to develop an inclusive brand to match.

After establishing the brand essence — 'Letting people live the stories they love' — we created a handwritten logotype to lead a warm and human brand, utilising the ‘x’ in the name as a sign off to give a personal touch. We refined our logotype concept together with our trusted friend, lettering artist Rob Clarke. The welcoming visual identity system is completed with a friendly colour palette.

Fusebox logo wall for Pride Jubilee