Branding the next generation e-sports betting for Midnite

By Proxy

Midnite is a new destination for licensed, strictly regulated esports betting. Giving people the chance to bet on professional teams playing their favourite games, Midnite required a strong, reputable brand identity. In 2021, Midnite became the first official Call of Duty betting partner.

Midnite Characters 2200x1320px

To cut through in the particularly noisy environment of esports streaming, Proxy developed a bold, hard hitting brand identity with distinctive, ownable brand colours, and ready for animation.

Midnite marketing assets
Midnite illustration by Daggers for Teeth

To create a cohesive identity connecting all the games featured on Midnite - League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty - Proxy worked with illustrator Daggers for Teeth to create original characters, all presented in an unified style bespoke to Midnite.

A series of bespoke, animated patterns were created at the same time, to deliver a comprehensive suite of marketing assets.