Precision-engineered brand for Nolla Nolla furniture

By Proxy

Established in the year 2000, Nolla Nolla has delivered bespoke furniture and interiors to the most exclusive retail, corporate and residential spaces in Finland. In 2015, led by a new partner, the company is expanding throughout Europe.

PROXY Journal Nolla Nolla

Nolla Nolla was going through a complete reinvention of its business model and product lines. They commissioned us to signal their rebirth with a bold new brand identity system.

We needed to build a brand that can credibly offer a high-end alternative to premium furniture brands. Having invented a new brand concept – the 'origin of craft' – we created a simple logo that plays on the letter 'N' and the number 'zero' – 'Nolla' in Finnish. The brand identity consists of a clean, technical typography style, with white space, rigid grid systems and a new product photography style.

Nolla Nolla rolled out their new brand in their retail showroom, website, fleet and workshop throughout 2015.