Solving humanity scale challenges at sea with Oxidane

By Proxy

Oxidane is a new Norwegian investment company focusing on the intersection of water and high technology. Proxy developed the name and identity.


Investing in innovative startups transforming the ways we interact with water - whether fishing, drinking or transport - Oxidane changes the future.

A new Norwegian investment company targeting the endless possibilities in sustainable investing needed a sharp focus for the brand, and a distinctive brand name. Working together with the founders, we focused the intersection of water and high technology – a natural brand with the Nordics.

With our proprietary naming process, we developed a range of name alternatives that would evoke a feeling of high technology, but also relate to water. Strategically different, with a relevant meaning, and phonetically accessible and pleasant to say, 'Oxidane' is the chemical name of water.

As Oxidane expands, more innovative companies join the Oxidane family. The same strategic and creative rigour will be applied to a sector ripe for design innovation.