A new brand for Quest Analytics, a leader in provider network management in the US

By Proxy

Quest Analytics enables health plans to comply with US federal and state regulations on network access, adequacy and accuracy — saving them millions of dollars in civil monetary penalties while improving member satisfaction.

PROXY Journal Quest Analytics

After acquiring several other companies in the space and growing fast, they came to us to bring them under one brand that reflects their renewed vision and drive.

We reviewed the brand strategy with the in-house team and helped them create new brand values – Certain, Human and Driven. The new logo is a letter Q composed of a circle with an arrow, illustrating data being constantly refreshed and updated — data analysis in motion, driven by multiple channels of information. Colour and typography is both modern and solid, with green and warm grey representing the health care and data space.

Towards the end of the re-brand, we were also asked to update the symbol and logotype for Better Doctor, one of their stand-alone sub-brands, allowing it to sit comfortably alongside the new master brand.