A new brand for Sifter, a high performing equity fund with a difference

By Proxy

Sifter is an actively managed global equity portfolio with a key difference. Rather than picking stocks, they eliminate them, so that they are only left with the best. This change in attitude to equity is what has delivered superior results over the last 15 years.

PROXY Journal Sifter

Going strong since 2003, the Sifter strategy has been so sound that it has barely changed over the years. However, neither had its branding. With a website that struggled to communicate its offering to modern audiences, Sifter needed an identity update worthy of its impressive financial results. We renewed it with a contemporary logo, fresh look and feel, and a distinct tone of voice.

The new logo represents their Viking heritage and the family-owned nature of the business, while remaining sleek, modern and sophisticated. It upholds a sense of tradition whilst remaining up to date. The brand identity has an inviting feel, so as not to seem intimidating or aggressive. The tone of voice simplifies complex language and communicates in clear terms. Overall, the new Sifter brand speaks to today’s audience of potential investors.