Building an optimistic brand for Fortum's clean future

By Proxy

Valkea is Fortum’s newest initiative to support the next generation of mission-driven startups. Just weeks before pandemic shut down London for years, the Fortum team and Proxy worked to develop a story, name and brand identity for Fortum's new clean tech investment initiative.

Valkea Cover 2200x2200px

Over the next three years, Valkea will invest over €50M into innovative solutions helping to create a cleaner future. One of Valkea’s first portfolio companies, Recharge, is now a leading Electric Vehicle charging network in the Nordics. Recently valued at €140M, Recharge is the ‘North Star’ guiding Valkea’s activity.

The core idea of the identity for Valkea is to create a sense of optimism towards a future that remains largely unknown.

We designed and developed a comprehensive website to launch Valkea with Fortum. Airy typography combined with misty imagery combine to create a sense of wonder and optimism about a cleaner future.