A new brand for Vertical, uplifting corporates & startups

By Proxy

Vertical help corporates and startups work together, combining experience with tenacity. They believe in sharing strengths and making business better by adding to it. To describe their difference, we created a new term for them, the world’s first business augmentor.

PROXY Journal Vertical

Then we established new brand values and a brand spirit — ‘Uplifters’ — to inform the creative direction. The new identity uses bright and uplifting colours, with a symbol made from short dashes bouncing upwards. The dashes are also used to create icons which illustrate Vertical’s process on their website and event materials.

Developing a content strategy first, we completely re-designed their website, making it easy for both startups and corporate businesses to navigate their case studies, mentor programs and events. The new identity and messaging has helped Vertical grow and move to a large new space in Helsinki’s Maria 01 startup hub, allowing them to hold symposiums, pitches and gatherings in-house.