Branding Zen-Me, the world’s most versatile, active lifestyle sensors

By Proxy

Zen-Me has invented an all-new category of products, ‘personal sensors’. We were asked to develop a futuristic brand identity for this all-new sector of products.

PROXY Journal Zen Me

The name Zen-Me refers to the Chinese questions of ‘why’ and ‘how’ – with Zen-Me’s revolutionary new product platform providing the answers. The brand mark and icons show communication ‘pings’, which are central to the way Zen-Me works. An energetic brand symbol - made out of the same pings - provides instant recognition in the app grid, social and retail. With a distinctive set of icons and a unique brand typeface, we created a brand identity system that unites the physical and digital experiences. Together with Dalton Maag, we refined an unique wordmark.