Happy Midsummer

By Proxy

Midsummer is a special day in the Nordics. As the roots of our London studio are in Finland, to celebrate the occasion, our team created a series of visual experiments with AI imagery, typography, writing, 3D, and other skills in our studio.

PROXY Blog Midsummer Aapo

The series is created using a diverse range of tools, from Midjourney to Houdini and Redshift. It also includes custom lettering and Illustrator designs.

The full Midsummer series, a total of over 30 pieces, will be posted through the midsummer week on instagram.com/proxyvc

Jamie explores custom extended letterforms on the longest day.
Adam wonders what a Wes Anderson Midsummer may look like.
Miia recalls the fond Finnish traditions of the Midsummer.
Jesse takes a break from Diablo IV to imagine what a Diablo Midsummer might look like.
Isobel ponders how Finnish Midsummer may be the perfect time for UAPs to arrive.

See the whole series this Midsummer week on our Instagram -instagram.com/proxyvc