• Branding 8fit, a wellness app enjoyed by over 20 million people

    Fitness for everyone is the mantra that drives the 8fit brand. The app brand is inclusive and takes a supportive and genuine approach to fitness and health.

    The challenge was to help define 8fit's personality in a marketplace dominated by soulless 'fitness trackers'. Proxy visited 8fit in Berlin to discuss in great depth what it meant to be part of 8fit and what they wanted to become. It became clear that the holistic fitness app had found its place in a lifestyle audience and it was important for the new look and feel to avoid the masculine 'body builder' tone of other competitor apps. The new 8 symbol became the cornerstone for the brand, communicating both continual health improvement and fitness.

  • The 8 symbol represents continual improvement and not a quick fix

  • Featuring primarily on digital platforms, it was important to make sure the symbol would be legible across all devices and at small sizes

  • Upholding a degree of honesty means 8fit speaks to its users with realistic, everyday photography.