• Free from alcohol, full of flavour

    Until Aracary was created, non-alcoholic wine alternatives seriously compromised on flavour. That’s why, when the team behind Frill (who we worked with to create a NASDAQ First North listed brand) told us of their latest product innovation, we couldn’t wait to get involved. Aracary is a non-alcoholic, wine-like drink that tastes great.

    We started by creating a global brand name. Since what we love about the drink is its ability to bring joy through imitation, we named it after a breed of parrot: the aracari bird. The bird’s bright colours give the drink an exotic association, while the phonetically-pleasing sounds in the name evoke the feeling of sunny wineries.

    The visual identity system revolves around a geometric bird motif. Distinct colour palettes communicate the different flavours, all available in 0.5L bottles.

  • Aracary refers to a specific type of parrot, in a nod to the idea of bringing joy to people through imitation

  • Friendly, spacious typography complements the identity system