• Bravo Company's new brand for 24 million players

    Bravo Company is a London and Seoul based, diverse team creating next-generation mobile games playable in four-minute sessions (aka ‘Coffeebreak eSports’). Their first game, Forces of Freedom, is the most downloaded game in the history of Google Play Early Access, with 24 million downloads.

    Bravo Company needed a global gaming studio brand that encapsulates what they stand for: short but deep gaming experiences. The brand needed to work alongside their first military game while leaving the door open for other genres in the future.

    Proxy crystallised the brand essence – ‘Bursts of Fun’ – and built an identity around it. A simple, playful logo is complemented with distinctive typography. Proxy went on to develop the employer brand website and investor presentations.

  • Countach and Simplon Mono were paired to create a strong typographic language

  • Photography of the London and Seoul teams was created for employer branding

  • Typography and character artwork is layered for a seamless identity