Reinventing a legend.

Avolites is a British high-performance technology developer and manufacturer of leading state-of-the-art visual canvas (lighting control) consoles, media servers, networking products and dimmers for the entertainment industry; all designed, developed and hand built in London. The company’s products have been instrumental in the success of some of the biggest events in history and continue to be used on some of the biggest tours, stages, festivals, corporate events and cutting edge installs around the world. In 2020, Avolites was preparing to celebrate its 45th anniversary with a new flagship product. Avolites required its first ever update to its brand identity, along with a new way of marketing its products.
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The original Avolites logo was designed in the 1970s, and has remained untouched for over four decades.

Evolution not revolution

Proxy carefully analysed the original Avolites logotype to dissect recognisable elements that could be modernised and reinterpreted.

Born in the age of band logos, the geometric 'Avo' shape felt unique. The wings, on the other hand, started to feel excessive. Decoupling the wordmark from the logo was a key consideration – given that users affectionately refer to 'Avo' anyway. The new mark tells a simpler story. A combination of two stage lights and video projection, it retains familiarity with the original mark, while looking entirely new and modern.

A standalone wordmark

Appreciating the CAD-born strength of the original wordmark, we created a strong, standalone wordmark for instances where the full name is required. Crafted together with Dalton Maag, it sits confidently on box ends.

The Avolites QM 8100, debuted in 1977.

Moving forwards by looking backwards.

To sell the most advanced lighting and video solution for large events, Avolites required powerful product imagery. Referring back to the original 1977 deck, Proxy created a new interpretation of high end A/V control equipment imagery. Based on the direction, a large range of product images and videos were produced at Klok & Co in Helsinki.

A complete go-to-market

From teaser videos to a launch brochure, packaging to swag, advertising to tech spec sheets, Proxy worked on the full launch of the new flagship Avolites product.

In 2021, despite the pandemic, Diamond 9 has become the fastest selling Avolites product introduction in its 45 year history, demonstrating the power of a design-led organisation.

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