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Avolites T3
Since the company was founded in 1976, Avolites has always been a pioneer in the development of the integrated visual canvas used in concerts, venues and exhibitions. The new, affordable and portable Avolites T3 is the latest product to showcase true visual integration. It has been designed by Lighting Designers for Lighting Designers, to become their owned console of choice. Small enough to fit in a backpack, it brings unparalleled visual control wherever the show might go. The product can be expanded with Avolites T3-W, adding tens of additional control faders and buttons.
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Identifying the product

Utilising the logo and brand identity system previously designed at Proxy, we created product marks and other brand assets for use in all the manifestations of the Avolites T3 product line.

The consistent typographic system covers the physical product, packaging, manuals and marketing.

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A product on the move

The starting point for our visual expression for Avolites T3 is its biggest differentiator — unlike other consoles, it is so small and light that it can move anywhere with you. This inspired us to express the product in a dynamic, floating manner.

While the flagship product, Avolites D9, is always shown in singular format, Avolites T3 is shown in multiples, reflecting the more affordable, accessible price point.

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Proxy collaborated with the product designers at Avolites to accurately describe the materials and new industrial design language launched with Avolites T3 and Avolites T3-W.

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The product is the message

For professionals, every port, fader, wheel and button in Avolites T3 describes a possibility to express their audiovisual creativity.

When everything else is stripped away from the marketing imagery, the Avolites T3 is visually positioned as a tool of unlimited possibilities.

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Connecting with show creators

The suite of product imagery and copywriting created at Proxy is easily adapted and implemented into various marketing touchpoints by the Avolites team.

Localised to a multitude of languages, the brand now has a single global visual footprint.

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Show in a box

To deliver the product, we worked with the Avolites team to design a protective shipping sleeve that houses the soft touch black packaging.

A high contrast red interior opens up to reveal the complementary carry case of the product. A matching backpack is available separately.

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