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Branding 389 million smart gummies.

Elo Smart Gummies
Elo’s new Smart Gummies pack 7 different pills into a single gummy. Tailoring the nutrient selection to each customer’s needs and lifestyle goals, Elo AI selects each individual the one combination that will work best for them from 389 million of possible options. A mix of 3D renders and photography, the imagery we created showcases the natural ingredients, 7 distinct layers and personalised nature of the gummies.
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Branding 389 million smart gummies

From early on, depicting the Elo Smart Gummies as realistically as possible was a crucial consideration, so that we could use a mix of renders and photographs. Renders were essential in demonstrating the endless amount of combinations the seven-layered gummy can offer.

In our look development we carefully studied the translucency of the layers, the amount of particles on the surface, the way the layer subtly blend together and scatter light.

Renders and photographs were both created with the Elo signature background colour to ensure seamless integration of these two production methods.

Studio69 SHOOT 354 2

After completing the initial look of the gummy, we focused on demonstrating that Elo Smart Gummies are made of natural, delicious ingredients. We created a complex morphing sequence and loop, where a wide variety of actual gummy ingredients morph into the gummy, and back again. This became the hero animation for the launch.

Gummies packshot 2560x2560

The Elo design team developed the packaging and digital design for the launch, creating the next evolution of the Elo brand we have been developing together. Consistent to the design approach for Elo Smart Protein, the packaging is minimalist. The individual sachets feature the name of the person they are made for.

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For the launch, we created a large bank of imagery that allows efficient creation of social media posts, performance marketing assets, landing pages and more. Our in-house team casted and shot the talent, creating close crops of the gummy. A key render of a gummy pattern was created to demonstrate the endless variety of Elo Smart Gummies. We also created several freeze frame renders from the hero animation, showing the natural ingredients.

Gummies Crop 01 2200x1320
Gummies Crop 02 2200x1320
Gummies Falling gummies 2200x1320
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