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Shaping the future of fishing.
Fished is an online marketplace platform connecting fresh, responsibly sourced seafood directly with buyers. Proxy developed a new name, URL and brand identity for the company. Revolutionising an industry which has up until now conducted business over phone and email, Fished makes fishing more efficient. A fragmented market means suppliers have little idea how much money they will earn from their catch. For the same reason, buyers spend a long time trying to source fish. We created an identity as user friendly and community oriented as Fished's platform, making the trade of fish simple and playful.
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The school of Fished

Fished is teaching people a new and better way to buy and sell seafood. Though fishermen and breeders have the most important part to play in getting quality seafood to dishes everywhere, today they have only a tiny portion of the value chain.

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A category-defining name and URL

For years, fishermen have been burdened by the task of finding a buyer for their catch. In an ideal world, they'd go home in the evening having simply fished. The platform we branded, with its community of customers, means they can do just that. It arose from the will of the community.

And so the name was born, as transparent and accessible as the platform itself, along with a strong url.

"What did you do today?"

"I Fished."

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The Icon

The icon makes simple the form of a fish, whilst introducing the abstract ‘F’ shape into its construction. The top bar of the icon has been purposefully made to have hard edges to work better in unison with the wordmark - where we see these same angles.

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The Wordmark

Bespoke lettering, crafted by Dalton Maag based on Proxy's concept, Fished's wordmark balances playfulness with professionalism. Inspired by the shapes of fish fins and mouth, it's a symbol of quality seafood, fairly traded.

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Friendly, functional typography

Bold, high contrast typography means the service is highly functional and accessible to the many generations of fish industry workers it's been designed for. Polysans Bulky, created by Gradient type foundry, results in a disruptive, quirky and approachable aesthetic. Its inktraps make the platform's headlines feel a good omen for a plentiful catch, bulging with fish.

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Storytelling through colour

Our primary palette draws upon the journey undertaken by the fisherman - Natural wood is inspired by the catch, Dark coffee the Port, Deep Blue by the depths of the ocean and coral for the surface of the sea.

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From one generation to the next

Brand Imagery heroes the hard work of fishing, and showcases the fruits of their labour in colourful and playful ways. New perspectives reference the innovation that Fished brings to the industry.

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