A new kind of family office.

Illusian are a family office with a mission to create a more entrepreneurial, sustainable and inclusive society. Many are familiar with Supercell, which became Europe's first ever startup decacorn through creating some of the world's most loved mobile games. But until now, few might have heard of Illusian, the family office started by Ilkka Paananen, Supercell's founder. That's because Illusian is a family office that prefers to hero the world-class makers and creators they support. Many of these people are at the most promising startups and prominent VC funds across the world; others run philanthropic initiatives making the world more sustainable and inclusive. All are builders at heart, reimagining the world for the better, and making better a reality.
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ILL Logo 2200px
Designed for impact

We created a confident yet playful identity to communicate the impact and the people-first values at the core of all Illusian's work. A grid system was designed to produce a typeface unique to Illusian. This was used to create a bold logotype with unusual and striking letter forms.

ILL Typography 2200px
ILL Guidelines 2200px
ILL Colourway 2200px
Inclusive innovation

Inspired by the Finnish landscape, this broad colour palette lends Illusian a versatile brand able to sit alongside the variety of portfolio companies and initiatives the family office supports.

Warm tones are combined with naturally derived bright and bold shades to allow the brand to feel at once innovative and human.

Illusian Wayfinding 2200x1320
Shaping the future

The same grid system used as a basis for the brand’s unique typeface also acted as a basis for extrapolating shapes for use as iconography and wayfinding systems.

ILL i Pad1 2200x1236
ILL i Pad2 2200x1236
ILL Web 2200px
Building an optimistic brand for Fortum's clean future.
Valkea Cover 2200x2200px

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A new Dawn.

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Branding Europe's first decacorn.

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