Making The Small Mighty.

Megabit is the new publishing arm of video gaming and technology group Aonic. Born from frustration at the lack fair deals in games publishing, Megabit offers world class publishing services on friendly terms. We loved creating the brand for Aonic back in 2021 and were delighted when they approached us to brand Megabit. Aonic’s brand was designed to be a solid powerhouse with a roof that all their tech and gaming companies could sit under, evoking a sense of the future megalopolis that is global gaming culture. Megabit, on the other hand, is a brand for creators. It’s personable and friendly, with a ‘one size does not fit all’ attitude — yet no less world-class than Aonic.
  • Discipline
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Logotype
  • 3D Renders
  • Sizzle reels
  • Website Design

The core idea behind Megabit is to offer studios premium tech and tools whilst giving them creative autonomy; the Megabit brand is therefore playful whilst adhering to functional design principles. This balance is struck with a Wordmark that combines a series of connected ‘bits’, bringing connotations of building and creation.

The brand icon — ‘MB’, an abbreviation of the wordmark — adapts to take different forms inspired by different game worlds. This makes it fun, delightful, yet always consistent. With the visual landscape across platform and genre so diverse, the aim here is to distil that essence into an identity that can literally change its skin. It has no fixed states, but rather serves to adapt to the games it represents, amplifying them and providing opportunities to tease new creations in an interesting way.

The result is a versatile brand designed to represent the brightest of imaginations. We applied it to Megabit’s new website, where it is loud and fun, with colours that can be dialled up or down for a level of expression appropriate for the content.

Megabit lab 2 v2
Megabit lab 3 v3
Megabit Mobile 2200x1320
Megabit Web 2200x1320
Megabit Letterhead 2200x1320
Megabit Artwork 2200x1320 1
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